Eazypg Tenant App Is The Rescue To All Your Pg Related Problems

Eazypg tenant app  is the rescue to all your Pg related problems


We understand that you have already toiled very hard to ;get admission in your dream college/attain your dream job. 

For students this journey of admission outside hometown is a comprehensive evolutionary trip from 

SCHOOL —> COLLEGE (mendatory)

HOME —> HOSTEL/PG (ummm, ur choice) 


Usually Hostel and pg life  sounds very exciting, fascinating and a route to escape parental restrictions because grass on the other side always looks greener. Those who actually experience it,don’t want anyone else to travel through the same route. It takes a little time for students to understand that Home isn’t just a place with four walls but it’s a feeling of comfort which is greater than all. Eazypg tenant app is one stop comfort destination on which a Pg tenants can blindly rely. 

  “House are made of wood and stone but only love can make home”


While students tend to happily move to a new place carrying fresh dreams, aspirations and hopes in eyes but no path is free from pitfalls. After some time of living away from home students realise there is something beyond eating, sleeping, chilling , dreaming and that’s what the real life looks like. Some questions that haunt these Pg tenants inside out  :


Who would listen to our complaints about Poor facilities & management of Pg premises: improper sanitary facilities, lack of cook hygiene, damping walls, struggling for basic amenities like proper drinking water, lack of ventilation etc.

Who would remind me to pay monthly rent?

What’s in the food menu for tomorrow?

How much I have to wait for my complaint redressal?

Who would ensure my safety at Pg premises?

I have to wait for at Pg owner’s office to pay my rent?


Why to fear Eazypg tenant app in here,

Now have the answers to all your questions in your smart phone with a click.


Today PGs are mushrooming in very city corner, it is hard ignore the fact that as owners or seekers people are facing the ‘PG Syndrome’ . The only cure to this rising syndrome is eazypg apps. Considering the problems of a tenant different from the owner there are two different apps to effectively fix the purpose of both the parties.

EazyPg manager app & EazyPg tenant app


Why HOME —-> HOSTEL/PG ???

When you can drive your journey from


(Isn’t it a dream come true)

With eazypg tenant app feel at home!


1)Rent and bill reminder: forgot to pay bill this month?  With eazypg manager app you can forget to breath but not to pay rent! EazyPg tenant app keeps popping your smart phone with numerous alerts and notification reminders. Also keeps you updated about the fines and penalties imposed for late payment of bills or rents.


2)Rent online payment: why to take it hard when you can act smart? With EasyPg tenant app Pay your Rent securely and with in no time in just one click through ‘Cash by OTP’ or Online through Debit/Credit Cards, NEFT, UPI, Net Banking, Paytm. I initiative towards cashless society.


3)Instant complain filling & 6 hour redressal: getting frustrated by malfunctioning of door lock? Food quality not upto the mark? Slow WiFi speed is irritating?  EazyPg tenant app helps you file instant complaints either it be about Pg premises or staff related issues. Eazypg team further would try to fix all your problems with in 6 hours of filling of complaints or provide compensations for inconvenience in the form of gift vouchers or cashbacks.


4)Online food menu update: no more asking “what’s in the menu today?” EazyPg tenant app keeps you updated about the menu for the whole upcoming week , classifying separate sections for breakfast, lunch and dinner. By this app you can inform the cook about the quantity of food you require because we believe that “why to feed bin when you can feed starving thin”. This not only earn your good karma from Devi anupurna but also cashbacks and monthly vouchers.


5) Attendance, leave or check-in late: are you still signing on traditional attendance register? Hey is this 1980’s? Come on get out from your manually designed traditional world , it’s time to act as a tech savvy pro. Effortlessly Mark your presence or leave in the eazypg tenant app.

Would you get a little late while returning from a 9pm movie or group studies at mates place, (no more sneak-in or awkward explanations) just mark your late check-in in the eazypg tenant app and let your Watchman know that you would be little late tonight.


With Eazypg tenant app Make your Pg life a lifelong cherishing experience, don’t let it  turn into haunting nightmare.

Ask your Pg owner to make your Pg smarter, install eazypg app now!

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