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Are you a PG owner and finding it difficult to manage multiple PGs with your old fashioned manual setup? 

We have an app to make your pgs’ management smarter and convenient. We understand that you are working really hard to manage your pgs efficiently but working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things. Using EazyPg manager app is way too smarter and easier than the manual bookkeeping system or a handwritten spreadsheet update.


We are growing in a technology-enriched environment; technology is not just becoming a part of our daily lives but a part of each one of us. Convergence of humans with technology is the need-of-hour. So it’s high time to manage your PG like a tech savvy pro with all in one PG manager.


EazyPg manager helps to streamline all your tedious PG management tasks 



EazyPg management app is featured to help pg owners to overcome all sort of problems they come across while managing their pgs. Pg manager enable an owner to effortlessly administer all his/her pgs with the click of a button anywhere, anytime.

pg manager

1) Online police verification and documentation of tenants: You may find police verification procedure too lengthy and time consuming but with EazyPg manager app it’s real quick and easy. Within 2 minutes it’s all done with complete tenant documentation. The app immediately furnishes a soft copy of an exclusive rental agreement.


2) 90% of rents & bills by 5th: Late rents are no more a problem with EazyPg manager app. This app has automatic rent & bill reminders, notifications and alerts for tenants as well as follow up calls with daily late Fines. Thus 90% of the rents and bills would reach your account by the 5th of the month “collecting rents becomes effortless”. The app generates online receipts. Why to waste paper? When you can go green!

pg manager
pg manager


3) 24/7 control and discipline: Are your properties safe or what’s going on in your pgs? Even after renting the property to someone else the property belongs to you thus you must know what’s going on there. EazyPg manager app offers you instant notification whenever any visitor enters the PG premises. This PG manager also keeps you updated about late tenant entry. To maintain discipline at pgs this app imposes fines on breaking the predefined rule.


4) Online rent payment: Are you still banging doors to collect rent?  With EazyPg manager app all your rents and bills are credited directly to your account. These online receipts are an initiative towards cashless society. This Pg manager app also allows you to keep a track on rent payment of each tenant by days, months or years. In App’s dashboard there is a complete record of tenants with paid, prepaid or outstanding rents. 


5) Instant complaints’ redressal: It’s crucial for your pg business to retain good tenants and for that you have to keep them happy and satisfied. EazyPg manager app offers you an amazing feature to resolve tenants’ complaints within no time as complaints can be received in app with free service call to tenants for immediate solution to the problem. You can offer redressal in the form of cash backs or discounts. 


6) Improve PG rating:  These days no one buys anything without looking into the rating of the product or without someone else’s recommendation. Getting five star rating isn’t that easy but with EazyPg manager app you can build great experiences for your inmates. Happy and well served tenants suggest the same name to others in future. No marketing can endorse better than the words of mouth which build eternal customer base and goodwill.


Want to grow your pg business with us?  What are you waiting for?

                Install EazyPg manager app now.


     Your Pg manager is just a click away!

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